Can a repair facility that did work to my car and did no paper work on it come reposes or mechanic lien it?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Alvin, TX

I took my car into a shop in Pearl and TX . and they were ONLY supposed to replace the valve cover gaskets ( that i supplied ) and they broke quite a few hoses and lost some brackets and then they go and buy some off brand hoses that are NOT OEM and put them on and i have bad vacuum leaks . I almost wrecked my car due to them using the wrong hoses and clamps where my brakes were rock hard and i had to use my emergency brake to stop ( Twice ) My car went in running PERFECT no missing or anything . I find out the 5 1 / 2 job cost me 3 days of rental car and it is leaking fuel on the engine somewhere . They use the age of my car ( 1994 ) and say that is why things broke all over . I have it back with keys that they left in my car outside and told me to pick it up . I have not paid them yet .

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  1. Don Karotkin

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    Answered . Based on the facts you state, unless they have an existing lien or an ownership interest in the car, they cannot properly repossess it. Since they do not currently have possession of if, I believe they are no longer in position to file a mechanic's lien.

    The above said, they will probably come calling on you very soon to ask you to pay them for their work. At that point, you will need either to negotiate a settlement of the matter with them or hire a lawyer to deal with the situation. If you ignore the situation, they could sue you and/or make a negative credit report on you.

    Good luck.

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