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Can a public defender put me on calendar without me there?

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can a public defender put me on calendar without me there?

how can a public defender put me on calendar without me present there?

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  1. If you are asking if an attorney can set up a court date for his client without you being there in court or his office when it is set up, the answer is YES. It happens all the time and the clients are very glad for it because they usually forgot about a court date and the attorney is trying to save their butts. Your question is a little vague so if you have a specific issue with your PD talk to him/her.

  2. Your lawyer can schedule or agree to any future court appearances without you present and should contact you of the next court date shortly thereafter.

    The information presented here is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The Goodman Law Group, P.C. recommends that you consult an attorney with experience in your specific legal issue. Please contact us to schedule a confidential discussion of your situation. Such communication does not create an attorney-client relationship of any kind until a formal engagement agreement is signed by both you and the Goodman Law Group, P.C.

  3. As already indicated the basic answer is yes. However, you do have a right to be at all court dates pertaining to any matter against you. In some counties, the Judge will require that an attorney obtain your written consent for them to appear on your behalf before allowing the attorney to do so. This is pursuant to Penal Code Section 977. Generally speaking, if your attorney put your case on calendar without contacting you, they are likely trying to correct or fix something for you. Your best bet it to communication with your Public Defender directly about what the court hearing was for and what happened so that you have the most information possible, as it is your case and your life.
    Furthermore, some Public Defender offices have a general practice of not allowing their staff attorneys to appear under Penal Code Section 977 for their clients, as it can sometimes result in the client not taking the case seriously, or later failing to appear and losing contact with the client, which then puts the attorney and the client in a tough spot.

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