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Can a prosecuting person be considered a police informant?

Tampa, FL |

If Dave has filed charges against Phil for something, can Dave then (after filing the charges) be considered a police informant against Phil? It was my understanding that Dave could not be a police informant, as his view of information would be tainted by his own prosecution of Phil. I am checking my knowledge of this.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. If Dave has filed charges against Phil...... WHY would Phil have anything to do with Dave thereafter, let alone divulge incriminating evidence to Dave??????

  2. I must admit, I am lost. If you would like to email me directly, I would be happy to piece some of this together for you.


  3. I agree that your question is a little confusing. I can't imagine Phil wanting anything to do with Dave if he has convinced the state attorney to press charges. But if Phil wants to keep admitting things to Dave, then certainly Dave can still be a witness against Phil.

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