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Can a probation officer see when you buy alcohol when your Driver's License is swiped? And if so, are they able to use it agains

State College, PA |

Probation question.

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  1. I don't want to say without a doubt as one should never say never. but I'd have to say it is highly unlikely.

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  2. Don't know for certain the answer to that technical question although my suspicion is no. In any event the question indicates that you are engaging in risky behavior. Actions have consequences so be prepared.

  3. Your question is troubling because it suggests that you are looking for ways to get around the terms of your probation. Your mindset is not healthy and you are setting yourself up for a violation.

  4. In spite of the fact that our privacy is slowly being encroached upon by new developments in technology, I do not believe that the various probation departments have accomplished that level of viewing capability......yet!

  5. It is very unlikely. I worked as a bouncer for many years before becoming a lawyer and in my experience the devices that are used to check ID's are not online at all. They simply read the bar code on the back of a license/ID card and display the essential information on the screen (Name, Age). Typically with a fake ID the bar code is either unreadable or the information that appears on the screen simply does not match the front of the license. Of course, there are not guarantees, but as a practical matter it is highly unlikely that a swiped ID at a liquor store will set off any alarm bells at the probation office. That being said, I agree with my colleagues: Don't violate the terms of your probation. Do your time and then have a drink.

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