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Can a probation officer make someone sign release for medical records?

Brewster, NY |
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My son is currently in the hospital for prescription drug abuse. These drugs were prescribed by his doctor. He ran out of one of the drugs(suboxone-keeps you off opiates) and wasn't able to get a new script right away). He used an illegal drug for a few days and then told me and felt he needed to go into the hospital before it got out of control. I had to inform his probation officer about the hospital because my son was unable to. I only told probation that he was there for the doctor prescribed drugs. The probation officer was downright nasty and said he wanted my son to sign a release for all medical records from the hospital stay, and he wants him in his office the day he gets out of the hospital. What are my son's rights as a patient trying to help himself from addiction?

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Probation is not a right, its a privilege. in order to maintain probation and stay out of prison there are certain rules which must be abided by. One can not commit any further crimes while on probation for example, or face being violated. Generally, in my experience, most officers are quite reasonable and will be willing to suggest treatment to the Court if they believe it is necessary or would not necessarily violate him iin this situation. that being said, every officer is diffrent and im certain some may be unreasonable. He MUST, however, comply with his officer and submit what is requested or risk creating a poor relationship and the ptoentiality for incarceration.

I would suggest be as cooperative as possible.

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