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Can a probation officer arrest you or get a warrant without just cause?

Marietta, GA |

I am currently on probation for a nonviolent misdemeanor. Currently, I have completed all conditions of my sentence, never violated, and am current on all fees. My officer drug screened me a few days ago, but my test came back "dilute". She told me to come in immediate the next day, I did so, and my tests were all negative. I have nothing to hide, but after the dilute test, she literally screamed at me on the phone in a very intimidating and threatening way. I feel like I'm now a target. Can a PO arrest you for just any reason or do they have to have some sort of reason or evidence against you? I've worked very hard and been more than compliant with everything, but I'm just worried about what POs are legally allowed to do as far as arresting a probationer. Thank you.

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They would need reason to believe that you violated your probation in some manner to arrest you. Right now, a dilute is not sufficient since you passed the test the next day.

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Thank you. In addition, the only thing that confuses me is the EtG reading. I know the cutoff at the lab is 500. The dilute test read "33" for EtG and the next, normal one read "92". I haven't been drinking at all. Do these different readings change anything or is a negative a negative, regardless of level? (Not to mention that now I'm worried about what I've been consuming that would make it register that way.)

Allen Rust Knox

Allen Rust Knox


The EtG test is very sensitive. Your test results will show a level for alcohol based upon your consumption of household items that contain some alcohol in them. Many household items contain alcohol. I just noticed the other day that a protein bar I eat has some alcohol in it. If you truly haven't been consuming alcohol, it is probably something else that you are consuming that is causing you to show an alcohol level.

Allen Rust Knox

Allen Rust Knox


As long as you stay below the cutoff level, you are negative. Negative means negative.

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