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Can a probate court prohibit a lawyer from practicing in that court for financial fraud or unethical behavior?---for how long?

Cambridge, MA |

Don't give me a runaround and tell me to see a lawyer....I think the question is pretty clear.

A lawyer who violates ethics can be reported to the BAR---but can the lawyer also be reported to the court for action against the lawyer?

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You tone in your question is clear! If you already know the answer~~~ what is your purpose in posting?

That said, the answer is no. Courts do not prohibit lawyers from practicing. However judges may sanction lawyers and report them to the BBO. The BBO then performs their investigation and if appropriate they will suspend a lawyers license. The Mass Supreme Court oversees these cases if they are litigated.

That said, if you have a legal question and you are not satisfied with a lawyer that you were working with you should simply contact another lawyer. It is not uncommon for clients in probate court to have difficulty with their lawyer and to terminate their relationship. It is unusual and a very rare case for a lawyer to commit some form of fraud but it does happen. Before you make the allegation I suggest you speak to another lawyer so that you don't commit defamation in the process of trying to correct you issue. I'm happy to speak with you and I have a law office in Cambridge. Call me at (617) 725-2675 Joseph Chancellor

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