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Can a polygraph test be used in court in the State of Ohio?

New Philadelphia, OH |
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A state highway patrolman came through mcdonalds drive thru and ended up with a hair in his sandwhich I took a polygraph test and it said i lied on 3 of the 10 questions and all of the questions had to deal with the same thing shouldnt and of the questions said I lied.

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No, the results of a polygraph are generally not admissible in court in Ohio. However, I would still recommend talking with an attorney before saying anything else to the police, with or without a polygraph.

Matthew C. Bangerter



By answering, no attorney-client relationship is established. The answer provided is for information purposes only. A detailed review of all records and facts is needed as soon as possible to accurately determine whether or not a claim is viable. You should contact an attorney licensed in your state to obtain legal advice immediately to assess your potential claim(s).


No. But sometimes, in a shaky case without corroboration, the prosecutor will offer a dismissal in exchange for a passed polygraph; conversely, the results will be admitted if the defendant or suspect fails the test. Needless to say, this is a very risky choice and most lawyers will advise you to decline the offer. In your case, you already took the polygraph. Without a prior stipulation though, the results saying you allegedly lied can't be admitted.

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