Can a person in indiana file a complaint against a landlord for sexual harressment?

Asked about 2 years ago - Indianapolis, IN

my grandsons girlfriend is pregnant, and the landlord they just rented from, has been coming on to her and the other female tennant, by suggestive innuindos. Asking her out for coffee and coming up to her work, stopping by their apartment for no reason. My grandson is in jail and can't do anything about it, he is my landlord and I know he does this to all females he thinks are attractive. She is afraid to even answer the door afraid it is him, at night. She is afraid if she complains he will make her move, is there anything she can do about it.? thank you.

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  1. Kevin Rindler Madison


    Contributor Level 18

    Answered . Document, document, document. Co0nsider speaking to a personal injury attorney and a private investigator and if this were in Texas (check your state laws) we would advise our client to tape record or better yet to videotape the perpetrator. Once you catch him, you have him by his tailfeathers. You can sue him and he won';t be able to deny it.

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