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Can a person have you falsely arrested for accusing you of taking a social security check?

Georgia |
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My sister was locked up for 45 days. She lives in section 8 housing. I collected her mail on one occassion. I wrote her a letter and advised her of this. I returned her mail when she was released. Now she is accusing me of stealing her Social Security Check. She is an ex crack head and is HIV positive. She has nothing and I on the other hand am a college grad, working on a Master's degree. I have never been to jail nor hooked on drugs. It saddeneds me to know that she thinks so low of me. Please advise me as to what I can do.

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Hire an experience criminal defense attorney immediately. If a warrant has not yet issued, and if you are in a jurisdiction that has pre-warrant probable cause hearings, it may be possible to prevent a warrant from being issued. If a warrant has already been issued, then it may be possible to intervene with the local prosecutor to stop this case before formal charges are brought.

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I agree with Mr. Hasson. Charges may never be filed and it could simply be an idle threat by your sister. The police and prosecutors may also not believe her enough to actually file charges. I would consult with a local attorney though since it is better to protect yourself in case something does end up happening.

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