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Can a person have two probation in two different states?

Anaheim, CA |

One other state I got only admiration probation to pay to restitution fees. Not require meet probation or contact. also already allow me move other state. Five months later I got other probation to meet probation officer once a month and go to DV classes.
Will it effect to go back jail if other probation. Can I get beyond reasonable. To prevent not go back jail.

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An attorney will need more information to intelligently answer your question. If the court and probation allow a person to be on probation in two different states, then it is allowed. I think I understand your questions even though I am not exactly sure of what you are asking. It sounds like you are on misdemeanor probation in another state. A person doesn't generally have to report to probation in a misdemeanor case. I think you recently went on probation in California for domestic violence. If you have to meet a probation officer for domestic violence, it sounds like it is a felony. However, it still can be a dv misdemeanor. Is it a misdemeanor or a felony in California? You need to talk with an attorney in the state where you are on probation, and tell him/her the circumstances. If you committed a new crime after you are on probation, you can go to jail for the case you are on probation for. If you go to jail, then violate probation on the California case, you can go to jail for a violation of probation in California for failing to comply with probation.

I don't understand what you mean by "Can I get beyond reasonable." You need to be convicted beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury (or judge). If you plead guilty, then you have given up your right to a trial. If you want to withdraw a guilty plea, you need to immediately talk to a lawyer to see if you can set aside the conviction because time will run out soon if it hasn't already. Did you plead guilty? Is your California case still active and pending? It sounds like it is closed since you are on probation.

I would talk to a lawyer immediately because it sounds like you could be facing jail time if a violation of probation is alleged. Perhaps a skilled lawyer can negotiate a no jail deal.

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The short answer is yes, you can have probation from two different counties or two different states.

Assuming the first state allowed you to move, if you were on supervised or formal probation, you would have needed to transfer your probation to California. If it was unsupervised (administrative), then you may not have had to transfer it as long as you were in compliance with the terms ordered.

If you pick up a new case in California (sounds like formal probation if you have to meet with a probation officer), then you have to comply with their rules.

I'm not clear on the rest of your question. If you're being violated here, depending on why you're in violation, could it affect your probation in the first state? Maybe, but it depends on the facts.

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