Can a person have two FLSA lawsuits going on at the same time against two separate former employers. Please Help!

I am the Original Plaintiff in a pending FLSA Collective Action, where more than 20 Thousand other former workers have (OPT -IN) into my lawsuit. I happen to have another identical case against another / different former employer who I am also going to file a FLSA lawsuit against, but I want to know if it is wise to file the second lawsuit why the first one is still going on. Because, of what I learned from the first lawsuit, the Statute of Limitations have already started and each month that I wait to file counts against me. So can I have two FLSA lawsuits going on at the same time.

Houston, TX -

Attorney Answers (2)

David C. Holmes

David C. Holmes

Employment / Labor Attorney - Houston, TX

Yes, you can. You should coordinate with your attorney in the first case, of course.

Eric Lechtzin

Eric Lechtzin

Class Action Attorney - Philadelphia, PA

Agreed, you may bring 2 separate FLSA cases against 2 separate employers. Moreover, you should not delay in filing the second case, as doing so could result in such claims being barred by the applicable statute of limitations. You should make sure that any lawyer you retain is of the lawsuit.

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