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Can a person file cyber bullying if they reply back to the person doing the bullying in a vulgar way them selves but to a limit?

Port Lavaca, TX |

I was curious how that would work if two way streets and even if one was worse then the other would both get in trouble? This all started in August with a pregnant woman, man who cares about her, and a guy who did not care about her. In November she married the good guy who cared about her, moved to another country.She is not a USA citizenship, child born in another country. In process of doing a DNA test. My husband has not said another word this this guy for about month now, letting me handle the DNA test. I was told recently as long as I don't file child support ( If test say he is dad) and my husband did not sue him for his responsibilities as a father should have during pregnancy and after he is born, then he will not file cyber bullying and then damands rights if his child. Messy eh

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  1. Unfortunately this does not make much sense, so it is difficult to answer.

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  2. I see at least two or three fact patterns and questions here. Maybe if you break it down into separate pieces and ask individual questions? Thanks!