Can a person change a will without the other family signing?.

Asked over 2 years ago - Columbus, GA

we were left a house to the four children. my brother change it to himself without letting the other know now,i'm told he said we gave it to him for one dollar i want to know if there anything i can do to change he is very sick and can do what ever he will

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  1. Glen Edward Ashman


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    Answered . I'm sorry but what you posted makes no sense. Wills can only be changed by the person who wrote the will. You may want to repost here and explain what happened, or see a lawyer.

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  2. Matthew Erik Johnson

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    Answered . A person can unilaterally change their own will. However, they cannot change someone else's will, and cannot gift property that does not belong to them.

  3. James P. Frederick

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    Answered . Your summary is confusing and it is not clear what has happened. How were you left the house and was this done by your parents? Are you saying that after your parents died, your brother forged a deed removing you from the title? If that is not what your saying, then what exactly happened? If your parents died, then it would not be the Will that was changed, unless this was done while they were still alive. If that is the case, and you believe the Will does not reflect your parents' intent, then you can contest the Will.

    It sounds like something else happened. When you reference $1, it sounds like a quit claim deed was signed. If that was not done properly, then you may be able to challenge it. If it WAS done properly, then you need to find a way for your brother to UNDO it, if he is still capable of doing so. It is not clear whether the other three children are your brother's heirs. If so, then it may not matter.

    Because there are so many possibilities here, it makes sense for you to gather ALL of the documents you have in your possession including all Wills and any deeds, and to visit with an estate planning and/or probate lawyer to help you determine what exactly has taken place, and how best to respond.

    I would do this as soon as possible, given your brother's medical condition.

    James Frederick

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