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Can a person be charged with a crime for allowing an unlicensed driver to drive their car?

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Back in the late 80s when the laws for under - age drinking went from just a slap on the wrist to being a serious fine , license suspension and even jail time , I was a rebellious teen and like most teens I felt that if I was an " adult " old enough to vote , go to war and be held accountable for everything that a person over 21 is then I was old enough to drink . I got 5 under - age drinking convictions before I turned 21 . As a result I my license was suspended for almost 11 years . Since then I have had an additional 12 year suspension added on for driving under suspension . Since I cannot have a car registered + plated under my name , my Parents register my cars in their name and of course I drive . Since my Parents are in their late 70s , even when they are with me I still drive them around .

Could another Lawyer besides Robert Keller please answer my question since his only response to any question is, "you should consult with an Attorney" which obviously isn't answering a question in any way, shape or form and would be better left unanswered, so another Lawyer could actually answer the question!!! I appreciate "Not incriminating myself on the internet", but I feel pretty safe that my computer is not going to be taken into evidence and probed by Scientist looking for evidence against me for a minor traffic violation?!!!

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You should avoid placing incriminating information on the Internet. You and your parents should consult with an attorney to review your driving record and your parents exposure. Good luck.


The short answer is "yes". It is a violation of the vehicle code to knowingly allow an unlicensed/suspended person to operateyou vehicle. But the advice of my colleague is well taken You and your parents should consult an attorney who is experienced in license restoration


In addition to potential criminal liability, your parents auto carrier could deny coverage if it is discovered that they allowed you to operate the vehicle. This could be very serious if you were to ever get into an accident, they could lose their home and other assets to satisfy any judgments. I’m not going to suggest that you get an attorney, as the time isn’t ripe (i.e. you haven’t been arrested yet). I am going to suggest that you stop driving.

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I'll make you a deal Mr. Crawford. I will stop driving as soon as you do the same?!!! Oh, your license isn't suspended? So, that means because mine is, I have no life, no place to go, no job to get back and forth to.......? Why do people like yourself make such silly comments? You make it seem like i'm an idiot and the answer is just that simple,"Stop driving"!!! Oh wow, why didn't i think of that?!?!? Thanks for your help Sir!!! All I have to do is stop driving, go on Welfare, have no life and just live the remainder of my life at my house!!! God, I am glad I came to this site in order to get you Experts advice?!?! lol Maybe my question should have been,"how do I get a license under someone else s name like the real criminals seam to do so easily???"

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