Can a person be booked for arrest with an ID that isn't there's?

My neighbor has my ID and she got arrested last night, she won't be booked under name correct?

Gainesville, FL -

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Thomas Klemens Almquist

Thomas Klemens Almquist

Criminal Defense Attorney - Gainesville, FL

It is possible she could be booked under your name. She will likely be booked under whatever name she gives the police, althought they doublecheck the name she would give with other information, such as ID she has on her, what information comes up from running her fingerprints, or if the police know her personally.
If she does get booked under your name, contact an attorney for help in straightening it out and getting your name cleared.

Richard Earl Hornsby

Richard Earl Hornsby

Criminal Defense Attorney - Orlando, FL

If she pretended to be you and the police believed her, yes. Otherwise, no.

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