Can a party to a small claims action play an audio recording obtained without my knowledge or consent?

I read on the court website that the rules of evidence do not apply to small claims court. So can they use audio recordings obtained without my consent? Can I file a Motion In Limine? Can I limit the evidence they use? Such recordings are probably defamatory in nature as I was under a lot of duress during the time that such a claim happened. Is duress a defense against small claims when they are claiming intentional damages, when their infliction of emotional distress was intentional?

Concord, CA -

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Michael Charles Doland

Michael Charles Doland

Litigation Lawyer - Los Angeles, CA

Irresective of the rules of evidence, audio recording of another without their consent (an example would be an idiot "consenting" by leaving a voicemail message) is against California law. Your last sentence makes no difference to your argument.

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