Can a parole officer violate , incarcerate , or detain a parolee for failing a polygraph test in the state of Wisconsin ?

Can an offender in the state of Wisconsin be detained for investigation , violated , or have or repercussions for failing a polygraph ?

Madison, WI -

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Joshua D. Uller

Joshua D. Uller

Criminal Defense Attorney - Milwaukee, WI

Generally not. Wisconsin statutes allow the Dept. of Corrections to force certain people on supervision to take a polygraph, but the results cannot be used against the person. However, statements made in the course of the examination may be used. Because of that, it is a good idea to consult with a lawyer before taking the exam to make sure you understand what not to do or say.

Tajara Dommershausen

Tajara Dommershausen

Criminal Defense Attorney - Menasha, WI

failing can't get you revoked but on certain sex offender probation, you can be revoked for not taking the polygraph.

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