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Can a parking lot cop at a university write me a ticket A) without seeing me, and B) if they specifically target me.

Altoona, PA |
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I just parked at school and was literally there under 3 minutes. As I was parking, the campus security had passed my lot and were walking towards another. There were two or three of them when I first saw them. Then, when I came back, all three were behind my car and I had a ticket. It appears that the first two walked back and (if the third one wasn't already with them) all talked about how they had just seen a college-looking student park in the visitors only parking. These are student officers if that helps. Is this targeting me? There are hundreds of cars and I am 100% positive they had passed my space, and lot. Why would they have come back to inspect my car? Anything else you can tell me would be helpful.

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  1. With the way you tell it, they weren't after you personally, but were after a parking violator who happens to have been you. I doubt that you will get much leverage from this, if any.

    Assuming that you knew that students weren't allowed to park there, you parked in a place you knew you shouldn't park...You might want to just pay the ticket and not park there again.

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  2. In the absence of information regarding the actual driver, parking tickets are issued against the registered owner of the vehicle. If the owner wishes to present a a defense that someone else was using the vehicle at the time the ticket was issued, they can request a hearing and come forward with their proof. If you were observed by officers as a student who parked in a spot reserved for visitors, you may have been targeted. That is good police work, not the basis for a valid defense. Pay the ticket and next time, don't park in the visitor's spot.

  3. Of course they were targeting you, you had apparently parked in a spot not designated for you. Why would the officer target a car parked correctly? It doesn't matter one iota why they came back to your car, if you were parked illegally you can be ticketed. If you weren't parked illegally, I suspect your post would say something different.

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