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Can a paralegal dating a client create a conflict of interest?

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Would a paralegal dating a client be in violation of ethical codes if I did not work on the case? People date all the time @ work, and I spent personal time w/a client & one day he walked in the firm & a colleague said I was acting nervous & even peeked out the window 2 watch me while we talked outside, after fishing around they found out we did...well you know & now the Attorney wants to know what happened. Did I do something wrong? when I didn't even work on the case? I think they're just being Nosey, I mean the Attorney acts like I cheated on him or something & even said in a meeting just b/c a handsome man comes in doesn't mean we lift our skirts & everyone laughed in private I told him I can't believe he said that & he said stop riding every guy who walks pass you, that really hurt

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    Conflicts of interest exist between attorney and client. If the attorney employs someone that has a personal relationship with a client that can cause a problem for the attorney. For example, if this is a divorce client, and the other side deposes the client about other relationships and the client's answer is different that what the attorney knows, that's a problem for the attorney (your employer).

    When employees cause problems for employers, employees get fired. That's why I'm think your problem is an employment problem, not a conflict-of-interest problem.

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  2. You don't have an attorney ethical issue - you have an employment problem. I am changing the topic to employment. Of course, the lawyer (or accountant or most other professionals) are right to be concerned about relationships between clients and staff. The extent of such concern depends on the facts. Obviously it is a problem.