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Can a online payday loan company file a civil suit against me if I have not repaid the loan?

Wise, VA |

I got an online payday loan in 2011 because I was in a fiance hardship. A few payments was taken out of my account, however, I closed the account due to not being able to make payment. Now I am getting phone calls stating if I pay within 24 hours my county police will be notified for further charges. I am going crazy with worry!!

Attorney Answers 3

  1. If you you took out a loan, but did not pay it back, the lender will be able to sue you for the amount owed.

  2. Can they bring a civil lawsuit, sure. If you borrowed money, didn't pay what you promised to pay; they now have a claim against you that can be enforced by a civil court.

    Is non-payment of a debt criminal, no.

  3. Unfortunately, when you borrow money, you are expected to pay it back. Yes, the payday loan establishment can sue to recoup their money.