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Can a officer search my car for not having insurance?

Norcross, GA |

he said he drove pass my car and his car read that I didn't have insurance

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I am going to re post this under criminal law. I think you will get more answers.


Without insurance, the car is subject to being impounded. Impounding a vehicle allows the officer to "inventory" the contents.

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He can stop your car for not having insurance. Once your car is stopped, he can search it if he has probable cause you committed another crime or if he is going to impound your car.
What was found in the car?


I agree with the other attorneys who have responded. I write separately to tell you that, if the officer justified the search based upon an inventory for impoundment, he will actually have to show that he, in fact, inventoried the vehicle. If he searched the vehicle without completing an inventory as to its contents, this would not be a valid inventory search.

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