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Can a officer give you a ticket in your driveway once you have gotten out of your car

Norwich, KS |

I was on my way home during lunch. I stopped at the stop sign, made my turn. A sheriff's officer passed me going the other way. He proceeded to turn around. I pulled into my drive, turned off my vehicle and was walking to the front door when he was pulling up to the house. He got out and asked me if I knew why he was ticketing me. He stated that I failed to stop at the stop sign. I told him that I stop everytime at that stop sign--he said that no, I didn't that time, I just rolled on thru it. I do know that I most certainly stopped at the sign. I want to know if legally he could give me the ticket once I was in my drive, truck off and walking to my front door?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Yes, he can.