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Can a non-custodial parent who lives in a different state, leave the state without the children during his visitation?

- Custodial parent and the minor children (ages 2 and 4) live in CA. - Non-Custodial parent lives in WI. - Non-Custodial parent's visitation begins on 6/29/2013. - A hearing on modification of child custody and child support is occurring on 7/3/2013 at 9:00 AM in CA, at which the non-custodial parent must appear in person. - Can the non-custodial parent leave the minor children in the state of WI without him for at least one overnight and possibly two overnights or does he have to bring them with him? - Upon information and belief he has no professional child care set up.

San Diego, CA -

Attorney Answers (2)

Alexandra Rachel Lavinsky

Alexandra Rachel Lavinsky

Child Custody Lawyer - Los Angeles, CA

It depends what the current order says and if there is a Judgment, what the Judgment states.

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Jennifer Anne Coenenberg

Jennifer Anne Coenenberg

Child Custody Lawyer - Stockton, CA

That really depends on what provisions are in the current order- in terms of traveling, in terms of child care, etc. If Custodial Parent is not opposed to Non-Custodial Parent traveling with the child to California (and to be safe they get that in writing), it really is a non issue. It is when they are not in agreement that the existing order mandates what they can and cannot do. Without those facts, it is hard get more specific in terms of an answer...

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