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Can a misdemeanor trial be put on hold (stayed) pending an appeal of a 30.30 motion.

Bronx, NY |

The case was scheduled for trial (jury selection to commence today), but the judge has made a vailed threat to incarcerate me if the jury finds me guilty. I do not want to risk going to jail for a crime that I did not commit, but clearly the judge isn't playing fair. Instead of proceeding to trial and risking going to jail today, I would like to know if my best option would be to request an appeal of the 30.30 motion, so that I can be prepared for the outcome of the trial in the event that the appeal is denied. I must state that I am not guilty and can prove so, but need to know what my best option is. Thank You

Attorney Answers 2

  1. There are no interlocuatorry appeals in a criminal case. You cannot appeal until after you get convicted (if you get convicted).

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  2. You state the judge "isn't playing fair." A criminal prosecution is inherently unfair and coercive. The People have many more resources at their disposal.

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