Can a misdemeanor for shoplifting be sealed in Colorado?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Denver, CO

I was convicted of shoplifting with a one year probation. The parole officer did not even require me to attend classes as I was on two potent medications for asthma and try-geminal neuralgia which caused bad results including hallucinations. I've never had to take them before so I did not realize what would happen.
The fees were paid and the case closed August the 3rd of this year. I am starting an environmental company and wanted to move to British Columbia but with that on my record, do not feel I can. Also, I work with Seniors in Medicare Plans and cannot apply to any other insurance companies with that showing. Can it be sealed and if so, what would be the cost.

Attorney answers (3)

  1. Christopher Daniel Leroi


    Contributor Level 20


    Lawyers agree

    Answered . No, unfortunately not if it was a conviction.

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  2. Daniel Nelson Deasy

    Contributor Level 20


    Lawyer agrees

    Answered . My guess is you are asking whether you can just make it all go away on paper. Because it was a conviction, however, as Mr. Leroi points out, it cannot be expunged/sealed.

    Good luck to you.

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  3. Barry Lawrence Aaron

    Contributor Level 9


    Lawyer agrees

    Answered . Sorry; The sealing statute does not apply to this situation

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