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Can a minor's parent threaten to press charges for libel, slander, or harrasment against other minorsor minors in another state?

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My best friends dad sent me a message saying "Please do not contact [my daughter] in any way. If any further contact is made it will be considered harassment and the police will be called. I will also press charges for slander, libel, and others." I had another friend contact her and she said the girl's parents were tired of my supposed impoliteness, and disrespect to their family. I know that last year (2011) around March my friends and I had a problem with her constantly moving and expresses sadness, and we had a few fights that have been resolved. What pushed them over the top was a joking message I posted on my friend's facebook, saying "send me your address when you retire from a hobo!" in reference to her saying to me and another friend that she felt like a one

How does living in another state affect their or my action? Will I be able to contact her once I am a legal adult, without fear of them pressing charges? My other friends are frustrated and upset with her parents as well, because they offend easily and ground their daughter often. She is my best friend and I even have presents I wanted to mail to her, but I'm afraid that doing so will put me even more on their bad side in case it counts as contact. If she tried to explain it to her parents we doubt it would go over very well, as when they are angry they aren't reasonable and would probably get her in trouble for talking back, and this might make it harder for them to view me in good light. I meant no disrespect towards them or their family when I said any of the things I said. Should I try to contact her parents and apologize for offending them, and sort this out? I am afraid this will make it worse but if it helps I want to try it. Can they call the police on me from another state?

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  1. Libel and slander are not criminal, they are civil. With respect to harassment, if you have harassed or threatened anyone, they could try to get a restraining order. Best bet is to stay away.

    Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer.

  2. Washionton State has some rather stringent anti-harrasment laws on the books. If you refuse to adhere to the parents wishes, you could find yourself in court responding to an anti-harrasment Petition which could easliy turn into a criminal case if you refuse to adhere to the law. My best advice is to comply with the parents wishes.

    The information is for general information purposes only. Nothing stated above should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation.

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