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Can a Mental Health doctor force you into the hospital for something that isn't mental health related?

Cincinnati, OH |

My Mental Health doctor threatened to have me arrested for not wanting to go to the hospital for high blood sugar. Am I allowed to refuse this and is the doctor allowed to threaten me with police for refusing treatment?

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I am an attorney and registered nurse licensed in the State of Arizona. This is general information and should not be relied on as legal or health advice. This information does not attempt to address the unique facts of your particular circumstances and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

Generally patients have the right to accept or refuse treatment if they are competent to do so and understand the consequences of their actions. If a healthcare provider believes that a patient is not competent to make decisions about their own care or that the patient is a danger to himself/herself, the doctor may try to seek legal assistance in getting care for the patient without consent. Specific information related to your medical condition and your reasons for refusing treatment should be discussed with your medical and mental healthcare providers in detail. Information regarding your legal right related to to refusing medical care can be obtained by consulting with a licensed attorney in your state.

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