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Can a material supplier put a lien on my home if I have a lien waiver from the roofing contractor?

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Apparently the roofing contractor hasn't paid the material supplier in full for the materials used on my roof. But I paid the roofing contractor in full when my roof was complete and received a lien waiver from the roofing contractor. The material supplier sent me the 'notice to owner' and 'notice of intention to file claim for lien' letters in the appropriate time frames, I believe. But how is it that I am responsible for the roofing contractor not paying the material supplier?

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The lien waiver signed by the GC likely does not preclude a lien filed by a supplier.
Further, the lien waiver signed by the GC likely represented that the GC had paid all subs and suppliers. That misrepresentation may violate the consumer fraud statute.

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The supplier may have a lien, however, for the roofing contractor to recieve your funds and not pay off the supplier, is a criminal act - contact the disctrict attorneys office or law enforcement (police/sheriff) to determine if they would pursue criminal. No guarantee for you at all as lien my or may not be released, depending if contractor has resources or not to try to remedy, but criminal is obviously the largest hammer to the contractor's head.

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