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Can a lawyer you are considering hire call your current lawyer without your permission? (and when asked not to)?

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We have an attorney that charges hourly and we were interviewing contingency attorneys. We contacted one that mentioned he could call our current attorney and get our case info. I immediately said no do not call him. I explained we are charged hourly and we are interviewing other attorneys. He promised no one would call our current attorney. Then, before the conversation ended, I asked him again to not call our attorney's office. He , again, promised no one would call him.

Well, I got a bill from our current lawyer for a call he took from this attorney for $100.00 a few days after I specifically asked him not to call him.

I have contacted this lawyer and asked them to pay this bill since they are responsible for this charge after I asked them not to call. THey will not respond

I would like to know if they can legally do this? Especially, after I asked them not to. It is actually not even my case, it is my husband's. And, what are my recourse's to get them to pay this?

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  1. A lawyer talking with someone about their case is a touch subject. Also, a person is entitled to have the attorney they want and can discharge an attorney if they are not comfortable. I would not take a case where a person is represented by an attorney, particularly without talking with them first. I would also suggest that you do not hire an attorney who before you hred them went against your wishes

  2. The ability to hire and fire an attorney is your decision. I agree with the Mr. Zachary and if a prospective attorney cannot follow your directions now, it would probably not turn into a good business relationship.

    Best of luck in your search!

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