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Can a lawyer take the same car twice with the same judgement?

Syracuse, NY |

When I got a car in 2007 a lawyer came out with debt documents that me and my ex had and took my car. Since i just got the vehicle I payed somewhat half of the debt and said to find the other half thru my ex. About 3 days ago the sherriff took the same car again with the same judment for 2003 for the same debt that seems to never received the first payment. Ive looked for the judgement papers downtown and theres no record of it, not in my name or hers. I was told to go to city clerk instead of county to see if its there. I got no notice from lawyer either time. They just came out the blue and took it twice. Stealing? What should I do?

the car is a 2001 nissan altima ...

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If there are no papers regarding the repossession, and the police were not put on notice of the repossession, and you never received a letter of default, you should contact the police and file a stolen vehicle report. You may have a wrongful repossession claim. You may be entitled to money damages.

I handle wrongful repo cases in CT. I am licensed in NY however I am not familiar with the repo laws in NY. You need to contact a consumer attorney in NY near you.

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