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Can a lawyer take over half of your inheritance money?

Hudson, FL |

I have a friend who finally became of age to receive an inheritance that his deceased father had left to him, but, the lawyer who helped him obtain the money took most of it. Is this totally allowed? If so, is there anyway to avoid having so much of your inheritance money taken away like that?

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Your question does not give us enough facts. However from the limited facts you have provided this would appear to be unusual. An attorney in your friends area should review a copy of the trust and tour friend should ask for an accounting. Best of luck to your friend.

Jeff Tomberg

Jeff Tomberg


i believe i gave a very similar answer to the same question you might have posted


That question can't be answered without more facts. If the money was in a trust or a guardianship there was an accounting which showed where the money went. Fees for trusts and guardianships are not generally on a percentage basis, they are hourly, so it's possible if the inheritance was not large half of it could go to trustee or guardianship fees. Your friend could hire an attorney to look over the paperwork and get an opinion that way.

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It does not sound right. However, if it was a small inheritance, that can happen. It depends upon a number of factors and you have not listed enough facts for us to know exactly what the circumstances were.

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