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Can a lawyer sue a repair shop for damaging my truck?

Saint Louis, MO |

I drove my truck to a repair shop for repair (timing chain). Paid $1100 and they had issues installing the parts. Their bad installation job caused my head gasket to blow. They kept the truck for two weeks and could not install the timing chain properly which I paid for or the blown head gasket they damaged. They informed me the truck will not start back up after the install. They will not return my money or fix the truck.

Since they damaged my truck they towed it to me with my parts inside & on the truck bed. I had to pay another company $3000 to fix the original repair work (timing chain) plus the damage the 1st shop caused.

I do not want to go to small claims court because I have pain & suffering. I have been ripped off which has caused me unbearable stress. I am 67 years

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Yes a lawyer can sue for this. You should go to small claims court because you can not get pain and suffering for this type of case.

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Since you state that you have pain and suffering, you should contact a Personal Injury Attorney in your area. Usually, the initial consultation is free and the attorney would be able to tell you whether or not your have a case. Also, they may be able to handle the property damage claim for you. If you chose not to hire an attorney, you could probably pursue the property damage claim in small claims court. Good luck.

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