Can a juvenile offender adjudicated in juvenile court have a 264.1 PC sealed and be relieved of 290 PC registration duties?

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minor was tried in juvenile court and sentenced to 6 years in CYA. Minor was released on parole and completed parole and 290 registration without incident. After parole was terminated minor (now an adult) did not register and was arrested as an adult. Case was a misdemeanor with 3 years probation which was completed without incident and later a 1204.3 PC was filed and granted. No adult record is held by the aforementioned person, but the juvenile offense and registration is still ongoing apparently for a life time duty. Can this record of a 264.1 PC be sealed and the person relieved of their registration duties? There is no mention of 264.1 PC being a 707(b) offense. And wouldn't the minor had to been found guilty in adult court in order for the record not to be sealed?

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I meant 1203.4 PC, not 1204.3PC

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    Answered . Our firm has extensive experience in representing juveniles accused of serious crimes, including crimes of a sexual nature. there is a procedure for sealing a juvenile record. you may have missed a deadline, but there are procedures for obtaining relief of that default. it may be necessary to file a motion, or seek a writ, but it is also possible to meet with the prosecutor and work something out. i have done this in the past. i would like to review your case in detail and make a recommendation.

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