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Can a judgment against a debt collection be overturned and the collector be negligent?

Jersey City, NJ |

I got the court papers within few days of court date. I didn't even look at the papers after I noticed the amount. I didn't go to the court so I am sure there was a judgment against me by default. Months later I got a paper saying my bank account from CitiBank was levied. I have no bank account at CitiBank. I called CitiBank and they searched my Social Security number in which no account was found. Confused I checked the original paperwork and found out that the name on the documents were not mine. The documents have someone else name and information, however, the mailing envelop had my name and address on it. The letter about the bank levy had my name and address, however the docket number was not the number on the documents.

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This is what I call a "paperwork" case. Gather those documents and have an attorney see them.


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Let me see if understand this. You get a court notice that you're being sued and you decide ignore it. But you save the notice on the chance that you might need to refer to it someday.

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