Can a judgement be negotiated for a lower amount (lump sum payment) to settle and be taken off credit report?

Asked over 1 year ago - Red Bank, NJ

I recently discovered a judgement for medical treatment I received as a minor was filed against me(from 10 years ago). At the time of treatment I was insured and living with my parents. In the past 10 years my parents have divorced and I have had minimal communication w/my parent that had stayed at my residence as a minor. (they moved in 2010 I think) I was never served or made aware of any Court matters regarding this. Can I dispute this or try to settle for a decreased amount to just have it resolved so I can move forward? If settlement is an option what is a realistic amount to hope for?

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    Answered . The short answer is yes --you can negotiate a lump sum payment and settle the debt. Make sure you get a satisfaction of judgment which must be filed in Trenton so that the judgment can be deemd legally satisfied. Depending on the amount owed you can probably get them to discont the debt by at least 30-50% depending on the company. There are also numerous defenses you have but based on the time period of over ten years- the cost of opening up the action and possible success is not very high--always best to try and negotiate a settlement before getting attorneys involved--but make sure the sat of judgment is part of any resolution.--

  2. Renee Mayerson Cannella

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    Answered . There Are Lots Of Questions. If You Were A Minor When You Received The Medical Care You Are Not Responsible For The Debt. When Did It Go To Judgment? If It Went To Judgment And You Were Not Properly Served You May Be Able To Have The Judgment Opened. You Should Go To The Court Where The Judgment Entered And look At The File To See How Service Was Made. The Clerk At The Court May Be Able To Help You. But You May Need An Attorney To Open The Judgment.

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  3. Jeffrey Scott Hyslip


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    Answered . Yes. Make sure the agreement you reach is CLEAR that you want the trade line DELETED from your credit report NOT that you want it shown as Settled. Make sure the current holder of the debt has the ability to delete the trade line before you enter into settlement if that is your goal. Good Luck.

    Regarding what amount to hope for, I usually suggest people start at 50% and go up to 75% if necessary. When speaking about %'s make sure you discuss raw numbers. You saying 50% and them saying 50% could mean a significantly different number since they will try to tack on late fees and interest. Good Luck!

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