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Can a judge ORDER a 7 year old to fly alone?

Berkley, MI |

Non custodial father lives in Seattle, custodial mother lives in Michigan where the parents lived when the child was born. Father moved away when the child was 3 and as of now has no ordered summer parenting time. Father wants 6 weeks and an order for the child to fly as an unaccompanied minor. Mother is not comfortable with this and keeps trying to compromise and work with him, but father always threatens court. Father has been small, sporadic part of child's life since his birth. The thought of her 7 year old flying alone for 5 hours makes her worried sick. Knows airlines allow it, but CAN a judge ORDER it?

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The unaccompanied minor is a part and parcel of every airline service. The child is accompanied by an airplace employee from the time the child is taken to the aiport until surrendered to the other adult at the landing site. I cannot tel you if a judge will order it, and you can certainly express your concerns, but the father is within his rights to see the child, and I doubt a court will be too concerned about a child travelling in the manner I have described. This would be a completely different answer for a train or bus, but airlines are set up for this type of situation.

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