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Can a felon in NC own a crossbow?

Elizabeth City, NC |

i seen wal-mart online sells crossbows,and i heard that nc law as of 2011 considers them just like bow and arrows now, can i own one in nc as a felon? can a felon even own a reguler bow and arrow? only wanting to shoot targets.


Attorney Answers 1

  1. I believe the change in law you are referring to is the elimination of the permit requirement for buying/selling crossbows. The current statutes (14-402 and 14-406.1) can be found on the NC General Statutes website:

    The Felony Firearms Act prohibiting possession of firearms by convicted felons, persons acquitted of a felony or certain assualt charges by reason of insanity, and persons determined incompetent to proceed against such charges is found in NC General Statute 14-415.1 and 14-415.3. I don't see any reference to weapons other than firearms in those sections.