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Can a felon in nc own a air rifle? like a pcp 45 cal. ? i just want to shoot targets in the yard,and hunt.

Elizabeth City, NC |
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when i was a teenager i was charged with non-violent simple cocaine possesion in 2001 (30 dollars worth),was released from prison in august 2002, back then i was allowed to own firearms,then in 2004 they took that from me. i am now in my 30's, and stay out of trouble. all i want to do is shoot targets in the yard( nc has BIG yards) and do a little hunting with my nephews. but i do NOT want to break any laws of any kind,so instead of trying to own a firearm, maybe i can just have a big pellet gun?

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  1. It does not appear that an air rifle, BB gun, or pellet gun is considered a firearm when determining whether a felon can possess one or not. Please see the links to the statute and a UNC School of Government blog article supporting this interpretation. Beware the risk though. You never know if a police officer would charge you that way, even if mistaken in the law.

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  2. Keep in mind there may be laws about hunting animals with that kind of gun, should you decide to take it hunting.

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