Can a felon carry a stun gun even used for wrk

Asked over 2 years ago - Wilmington, NC

Ex bf has a couple felony not sure it he is convicted of..but he carrys a stun gun ..he said it ok to carry only for his job ..can he carry a stun gun for any reason by law as a felon

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  1. Kurt Robert Willems

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    Answered . It appears that a felon can be in possession of a stun gun as long as said stun gun does not expel a projectile. A taser that fires a projectile to stun its victim may qualify as a firearm under the law. If he is walking around with a stun gun that is a wand then I don't think there is a problem. I have attached the NC felon in possession of firearm statute.

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  2. Peggy Margaret Raddatz


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    Answered . I cannot imagine what type of job a felon would have and be allowed to carry a stun gun for work?? I do not think he is being honest with you. Good thing he is your ex boyfriend. He is one to stay away from.

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  3. Robert David Richman

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    Answered . I don't know about the law in NC, but under federal law a stun gun would not be considered a gun (which a felon cannot possess) because it is not designed to expel a projectile by use of an explosive.

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