Can a doctor's office refuse to release my medical records?

I am recently involved in a worker's comp case in which I was injured. My work company paid for my doctor for follow up treatments. The doctor's office is refusing to release a copy of my records and test results. Is this legal?

Marquette, MI -

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Robert Cory Schnepper

Robert Cory Schnepper

Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Miami, FL

In Florida, a workers' compensation injured worker is entitled to a copy of his or her medical records under the law, Chapter 440. The doctor's office can charge a fee for copies, of no more than $.50 per page, if the purpose of the asking for the records is for the litigation of a pending workers' compensation claim. However, under another provision of the law, not a workers' compensation section of the law, a patient is entitled to a copy of their own medical records, and the doctor has to make a copy without charge. You do need to give the doctor a reasonable period of time to make the copies. If the doctor still refuses to make, and give you copies, you can file a complaint, in Florida, with the Department of Professional Regulation.

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