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Can a divorce be reopened in Texas?

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My daughter got stuck witha lawyer who promised to do everything and did nothing .She was shorted several million dollars. We are not worrying about 'dog custody"or miscellaneous BS. She is entitled to a big piece of my ex-son in law's company. She financed the start up and set up the office systems. through sheer distaste for divorces she was ripped off on many counts.
Can we reopen? I have learned there is a 2 year waiting period ,that is almost up..
Very Upset dad

We do not wish to sue or in any way revisit the prior lawyer.. He is not a concern of ours. We only wish to redo it properly...

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There are a number of ways that asset division in a divorce case may be looked at again. Without knowing more, it's impossible for me to tell you whether or not there might be any options for your daughter. The most common way to revisit the division is in a case in which community assets were not divided in the decree. In other words, if his interest in the company was not awarded to either party, then she might be able to get the Court to divide it. It is also sometimes possible to file a Bill of Review to have the decree reviewed, however, there are very specific reasons this may be done and there are time limits. My advice in a situation like this would be for her to consult with a good family lawyer in the county in which the case was filed and have them review the facts of the case and the decree so that they can discuss options.

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