Can a divorce be reconsidered due to strong evidence of fraud and hidden assets, just discovered?

Asked almost 6 years ago - Gig Harbor, WA

My ex wife used joint income to purchase Real Estate in another state, did not disclose IRA's and Retirement funds, and has transfered funds from one account to another, in the terms of $30,000.00 and $20,000.00 and transfered funds from a joint account to purchase the Real Estate. She also listed all this on her "Married filing separately" 2007 tax returen. She hid joint deductions that she used entirely on her return. The tax returns are identical except for the hidden assets she did not disclose in the divorce which became final on Jan 3, 2008. We have concrete evidence of the transactions to prove the fraud and misconduct . Is there anything that can be done. I have more.

Attorney answers (1)

  1. Answered . I don't practice in WA, so you should consult with a WA attorney for specific advice on your situation. Generally speaking however, if you have a divorce agreement that covered the distribution of your marital property, then it is likely that you could return to court. In my state, most - if not all - agreements contain language that each party has made a full and accurate disclosure of their financial assets and debts, etc. You may want to review your agreement if you have one and see what specific clauses are present.

    This would not likely change the legal status of your divorce, meaning that of you are divorced now you would remain divorced despite the financial issue. It could certainly change how the property was distributed, depending on the details of your situation of course and the laws in WA. Sorry I cannot be more specific!

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