Can a district attorney dismiss an individual who got caught in a criminal activity?

Asked almost 2 years ago - San Antonio, TX

Can a district attorney allow a peron who had knowledge of a crimal activity and was caught during the crime be allowed to be dismissed without any charges

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    Answered . Yes. The DA can prosecute or dismiss whatever cases he chooses.

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    Answered . Generally speaking, the DA, or whoever is the prosecuting agency in the case, has the decision on whom to charge with a criminal offense. Many factors are at play, culpability, cooperation, etc.

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    Answered . You could always try to take it to the AG's office or maybe your local U.S. Attorney if the conduct is a federal offense as well.

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    Answered . The district attorney can and often does dismiss charges against an individual even when the evidence is strongly against them for various reasons including unavailabilty of their witnesses on trial date or sometimes in the interest of justice (first time offender). Usually circumstances like your example where someone may have had some involvement or knowledge of a crime may or may not warrant the actual filing of charges. If you are a loved one may be in the situation described in your questions, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your area.

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    Answered . Not in Austin, Texas

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