Can a Director of a medical facility contact a patients employer without the patients consent and discuss medical issues?

The Director of a medical facility contacted a patients employer with out the patients consent or knowledge to discuss the patients medical issues to make a medical recommendation on the patients behalf. The director of the medical facility is not the patients assigned doctor. It is the patients expectation that, during the directors conversation with the patients employer, the patients employer had influenced the directors medical recommendations in the employers benefit even though the employer was fully aware of the patients actual doctors recommendations.

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Lee S Goldsmith

Lee S Goldsmith

Medical Malpractice Attorney - Englewood, NJ

This question has multiple parts. As a general rule, and in accordance with HIPPA requirements, no medical information regarding a patient may be released without the patients consent. There may be exceptions to this rule but the question does not raise any of the potential exemptions as issues. A patient owns the medical information in his/her records and only the patient has a right to release that information.
The medical director in this question violated the patient's HIPPA rights.

Only a portion of the question could be responded to. The issue as to the interaction between the employer and... more

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