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Can a dental office bill me for something i disputed and won through Carecredit?

Fremont, CA |

II submitted a dispute with Carecredit the company i used to finance the treatment, and the result was that they agreed to charge me only lab fees incurred for making the trays which was about 2500 out of the total 3500; i agreed to pay this if they would let me transfer the trays and continue treatment elsewhere. at first they said yes and ignored me after that, i never received any products or services after the first initial visit. Since i could not get ahold of them i filed a second dispute with my card company explaining everything, and i won the dispute and all charges were credited to me. A few months later thinking everything was resolved i moved on and started my treatment with another dental office. A year and a half later the Dental office is attempting to bill me again

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Sure. The insurance provider has its own policy but your contract for services is still at issue in a court of law.

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  2. It does not sound like you resolved the bill with the dental office for the services performed. You may wish to contact the dentist, however, and explain the situation. It may be as simple as a mistake on their end.