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Can A dealership or finance company force to get GPS installed on car?

Jonesboro, GA |

bought a car 15 days ago in Georgia was informed that finance was approve several days before siging contract . Dealership has threaten not to return my down payment $2,300 unless I have GPS installed . My first payment is due in a couple of days and I have also recieved payment coupon from finance company. They now want me to bring the car in so that they can put a GPS tracking system on it saying they can't get the car financed otherwise and I stand a chance in losing my down payment. I signed a Right Of Repossession an GPS is not in any contract that I signed or documents that I have in my possession. Can they compel me to do this at this point and keep my down payment ?


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Some of the higher interest rate lenders do require the installation of a GPS so they can repo the car if payments are not made. But, that needs to be in the contract. In Georgia, you can agree to just about anything provided it does not violate public policy. That said, however, if the contract does not require the GPS then they cannot force you to comply with that demand.

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I do not practice in Georgia so I do not know what the laws there state but I would start with reading the contract for the sale of the vehicle as well as the finance contract. I am not aware of any circumstances where a dealership has forced a buyer to have a tracking device installed. I recommend you speak with a Georgia attorney to discuss your options. Many attorneys provide a free short initial consultation.

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Thank you for your response. I have gone over my contract and no where does it metion anything regarding a GPS system.

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