Can a dealer refuse to give me the title or register if I paid for my bike & TTL in cash?

Asked 3 months ago - Houston, TX

I purchased a bike from a small dealer on 2/13/14 in full. He has yet to register the bike with Tx dmv & he won't give me the title so I can do it myself. I purchased another bike in cash in March from the dealers friend. The dealer was acting as a 3rd party in the sale. He was supposed to give me the title but instead gave me a copy of the title & charged me TTL as if I was buying the bike from him. He has yet to complete the required Tx DMV paperwork for that bike! He says I have to give him proof of insurance but I own these vehicles & I'm about to sell them but I don't have possession of either title, only copies of both. The dealer even put his name on the previous owner line on the paperwork when the title clearly shows his friend's name. Please help me sort this out!

Attorney answers (1)

  1. Mark Allen Land

    Contributor Level 19

    Answered . Sounds like you need a lawyer to demand the title.

    Good luck.

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