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Can a da subpena you at pre preliminary or preliminary being a wittness

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or ist that just for trial?

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That depends on who "you" are in relationship to the proceedings. If "you" is the accused, the defendant, then no. If "you" is a witness, then yes. Anyone can be subpoenaed to the preliminary hearing that has relevant testimony at the preliminary hearing.

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If you are a witness with pertinent information, yes.


Absolutely. If you are a witness or are the custodian of records for pertinent documents or information related to the case. The preliminary hearing is where the prosecutor has to prove there is probable cause to have the case move forward to trial. If the defendant is "bound over" that means the judge thought there was enough evidence to send the case to a jury.

If you believe that taking the stand can potentially get you into trouble, you should contact a lawyer to represent you as a witness. If you cannot afford one, your jurisdiction has a panel of attorneys that they can appoint to represent you. You have a 5th Amendment right not to testify against yourself, even as a witness at a preliminary hearing.

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