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Can a Criminal Defense Attorney, with my boyfriends case?? if so, how??

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These are his charges.....Manufacture, Delivery, or Possession With Intent to
Manufacture or Deliver, Conspiracy to Commit MFG/DEL/POSS/INT CNTRL SB, Int Poss Contr Subst By Per Not Reg, Criminal Use Of Communication Facility. He is already on state parole, and they have a detainer on him already.

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  1. It depends on the facts. If it's a winnable case then you want a lawyer that will litigate the case to victory. If it's a total loser case then you still need someone to highlight your boyfriend's positives to avoid a lengthy sentence.

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  2. It's impossible to give you an answer without knowing the facts of the case, which doesn't mean you should post them here. I would advise you to find an attorney who offers a free consultation, so your boyfriend can discuss the facts with him/her confidentially. Just because he was charged with serious crimes doesn't mean they can't be beat.

  3. Your boyfriend absolutely needs a seasoned criminal defense attorney who can identify whether his constition right vwere violated in a way that will result in suppression of the evidence and can idnetify other weaknesses in the. Commonwealth's case. If he cannot afford an attorney he should apply to the public defender.

  4. If this is a Federal case, the Federal Defenders or the members of the CJA panel are usually excellent attorneys. Current state charges coupled with this happening while on state parole creates sentencing enhancements later on. There is little room to negotiate with an AUSA who has a strong case. Never assume that an attorney can get a dismissal or reduction just by asking or having a strong reputation. Winning cases is about minimizing the exposure to heavy Federal sentences. With the Federal national average of over 90% guilty pleas/verdicts, the Federal system does not leave much room other than plea or trial to mitigate indictment counts. Your best help here is to work with his attorney on gathering evidence for trial or sentencing mitigation.

  5. Absolutely! There are so many ways a criminal defense attorney can help, but without knowing the facts and circumstances of the case, it is impossible to accurately explain how one would help.

  6. Whether the case is a winner or loser your boyfriend should have aggressive representation, espeically if he ends up in federal court. Defense lawyers not only attempt to get the charges dismissed in a weak case, but also work very hard to mitigate unreasonable sanctions and/or long prison sentences. And so yes, no matter what the facts are in your boyfriend's he should have a lawyer that will fight for him for the best possible result given the facts of his case.

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